Sunday, October 25, 2009

A. Rivera Photography

These are a few of the photos from yesterday and the previous shoot. She did some amazing things with me and she has all kinds of plans for the future.
The artistic energy between April and I makes the experience really fun. She wants to try everything and I appear to be game for anything.
On a slightly more philosophical note, I've been contemplating the idea of the identies we embrace and the identies we outwardly reject. This pontification manifested out of a writing demonstration I did in the demonstration classroom on Friday. I had to demonstrate revision using questioning with a piece that I wrote. I chose a flash fiction piece for each period (one about my teeth and one about shoes) and then we questioned. Upon reflection, the other teachers in my demonstration classroom mentioned how strong the demo was because it was so organic. This struck me because I tend to reject the idea that I am a writer. It feels so pretentious. However, when the students were asking me questions about my writing and I was thinking about my process and what I would change, I realized that I am a writer, and a good writer at that.
Something similar happened with this second photo shoot with April. I wouldn't say that I took on the identity of a model, but I definitely decided that modeling can be fun and empowering and not a job that only an elite few may participate in.

I'm noticing more and more that this blog is becoming a platform for my multitude of ponderings. Oh well, we'll let the change happen and see where it takes us.


Amanda Allison said...

The teal dress is amazing on you! Wonderful photos.

Danielle said...

The teal dress is gorgeous!! Great photos.

jane st. clair said...

those pictures (and you!) are beautiful!

i gave you an award on my blog: the little violet dress