Friday, October 9, 2009


I think this outfit is the antithesis of all the outfits I normally post. That's kind of why I like it.
I have a student who comments on my outfit everyday. It's our thing. He comes up to me in class and says "Meeesss, you look like a model today" or "You look like my first grade teacher." One day he even asked me what was wrong with my face when I wore my "glasses."
Today, he walked up to me in the morning and said "Meeesss (that's literally how he says it--no one calls me by my last name; it's too long), I'm not gonna tell you what you look like until I have your class." I replied "I probably look like a teacher today, right?" and he said "Noooo, you look like a nurse."
Then, he came in for Block 5 and he said "Meeesss, I change my mind. You look like a secretary." I love my Jacob!

Cami: The Limited
Skirt: Etsy
Cardigan: Secondhand from garage sale?
Pearl Necklace: Gift from mother
Shoes: Ross
Glasses: Ebay

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Lisa said...

I can totally see the secretary. My students always call me just Miss too, even though my name isn't that hard to say. They're always very open in commenting about my clothes, as it seems they are with yours. Hope you had a smooth work week!