Monday, May 11, 2009

Desperately Seeking

This dress has made me a convert. I need more maxi dress... pronto!
The beading on the dress reminded me of some Arabian Nights theme, so I couldn't stop myself with the jewelry. I was all about the belly dancer vibe with chains and bangles and more than ample amounts of musical jewelry.

I heard this song today. Yummy!

Dress: Secondhand (Savers)
Tank: The Limited
Necklaces: Vintage, secondhand, renaissance festival
Bracelets: By the Beard of Zeus and Madame Bijoux
Shoes: Dolce Vita


Amanda Allison said...

You do need more maxi dresses in your wardrobe! This one looks fantastic. It really enlogates you, even though you're already tall enough! :)

Carlene said...

Thanks! I think you really captured what I liked about the look, but couldn't articulate.