Monday, May 4, 2009


I feel unstoppable today. My district interview went amazingly well. In fact, I do not believe that I have had a better interview in my entire life. To celebrate, I kept my business outfit on and went for some plum wine and sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant in town. Though I was not looking forward to wearing such a conventional outfit, I believe now that it contributed to my interviewing prowess this morning. I'm still wearing the pearls eventhough I stripped down and pulled on some yoga pants. I just can't get enough of the residual power.

Then again, I listened to The Pierces "Lights On" all the way out to the interview, which probably contributed to the goddess aura I was exuding.

Skirt: Secondhand
Tank: The Limited
Blazer: Loehman's
Shoes: Dr. Scholl's
Necklace: Gift from my mom


bluerose said...

Are teachers really dressing conservatively in America? You do look very nice. But I'm a teacher myself, and here (Denmark) we usually dress "creatively" or very casually.

Carlene said...

Especially during interviews, we have to dress conservatively. Once you've secured a job, you can be more creative. I used to live in Denmark and I remember some of my teacher's clothing. I would say that we're a bit less tolerant of creativity in the teaching industry here.