Friday, May 8, 2009

The Saddest Part of a Broken Heart isn't the Ending so Much as the Start

I find it fascinating how my love of fashion and music seem to ebb and flow together. While I was in my fashion slump, I was also suffering from a music slump. Now, as I'm feeling all fashion pumped, my music interests are expanding. This little musing does have a point.
This morning, I listened to Feist's "Let it Die" and remembered how poetic and stunning the lyrics are. More importantly, however, is that I think anyone who is even remotely reflective of their own relationships finds this song highly evocative.
I include a you tube clip below.

Still experimenting with my hair. You want to know how I achieved this look? I showered last night and slept on it so it would have (literally) that mussed, bed-head look. Then, I used my wavy spray (the brand name is completely eluding me, right now) and scrunched the hell out of it before putting my front bangs in the sloppiest bouffant of all time.
I love it! What fun and almost zero effort. Could it get any better?

I fully intend to wear these shoes out this summer.

Also, these earrings were a purchase from Chic Downtown when they gave me a fifty dollar gift card for working with them. I really like them, and I don't usually go for earrings.

Skirt: Religion (from Jake and Mabel in Chicago)
Tank: Old Navy
Leather Vest: Secondhand
Glasses: Ebay
Earrings: Rachel Leigh (Chic Downtown)
Shoes: Marni

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