Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The internet at my house is down, so I am at the library uploading these photos. Actually, I'm not too upset about the internet being defunct for a few days because it really forces me to get creative with my time, either by doing the things I've been putting off, or finding fun ways of entertaining myself. There are only two disadvantages to no internet and that is that it makes applying for teaching positions (which is all online now) very difficult and I really have to plan how and when I take my outfit photos. Anyway, these are my garage sale finds from this weekend. The gold necklace is a nod to my post about western influences on my wardrobe. I had no idea I would find something so outrageously gaudy and so quickly after my musing on this blog.
In fact, every piece of jewelry I purchased on Saturday was completely over the top in some way or another.
I also found some cool full slips that I'm not sure what I will use them for and I picked up some dresses at Saver's. It was a pretty magical day.

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