Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Old Ball and Chain

So, first off, this outfit makes me feel like one of my students. It's so tween. I had to wear the flats because I was going on a field trip with my sister's class and I wasn't sure how much walking we would be doing. Since I own so few flats, the shoe selection basically dictated the entire outfit.

I can not get enough Fleetwood Mac right now. One of my students told me on Monday that she went to the concert in Denver with her Dad, which is probably the impetus for my musical reunion. However, I think that any girl who appreciates Stevie Nicks is the coolest kid in the world. I told her as much.

This is what I found when I walked out to my car after the field trip. My sister works in the ILC (special education) at a high school and the seniors are done this friday. I'm guessing it was the senior prank or some such nonsense. I think they missed their target audience by about eight years, though.

Finally, I just booked yet another ticket to San Fransisco and I am leaving on the
24th of July. I'm so excited. Maybe this time, I'll actually do a little shopping for me.
Dress: LaRok (shopbop)
Leggings: Express
Necklace: Maternal Grandmother's
Shoes: Irregular Choice

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