Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today is my birthday and it's snowing like crazy outside. I can't complain-- it's kind of cozy, but it did make picture-taking a little bit difficult. Actually, it made dressing appropriately kind of difficult, as well. This sweater is new from Express and I really like the high neck. I'm kind of weird about turtle necks because they rest against my neck and I kind of feel like I'm suffocating. This sweater, however, offers the warmth of a turtleneck without the constricting mileau that is typical of high neck sweaters. Along with my new sweater from Express, I also ordered two pair of leggings. I have avoided leggings up until now, despite the fact that I think they are so sexy.This is due to the lovehandle factor that seems inevitable with spandex leggings. I'm pretty happy I ended up ordering them and I plan on wearing them with a pair of neon green shoes that I just ordered from ebay.

The two pictures above are from my mead/brewery tour yesterday. The first one is a sunset picture of the Flatirons, and the second was the mirror in the bathroom at Golden City Brewery in Golden. It was probably the teeniest brewery I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot) and it was so kitchy. The owners live in the house attached and there's the coolest backyard with a chiminaya and lights. The beer wasn't half bad either.

While we're on the subject, I am creating my lust list for the Holiday Season:
1. Leather or faux leather motorcycle jacket
2. Faux fur jacket (we're talking wholly mammoth style, I want it to be a behemoth of a jacket).
3. High waist poof skirt (I'd like a grey one, but I'm not picky)
4. Floral dresses
5. Tights in hot pink, violet, red, and sky blue
6. Grey knit tights
7. Grey knee high socks (a la Kristin of BleachBlack)

Pants: Old Navy
Shirt: Michael Stars (from Anthropologie)
Sweater: Express
Shoes: Cole Haan
Blue Feather pins: Mezzo

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