Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Jem-It's Amazing
Today is one of those amazing days and it's only 10:30 in the morning. It's seventy-five degrees farenheit when it should be thirty, I got a presentation out of the way that I was agonizing over (it was totally impromptu), I received the sweetest compliment from a really atractive man, and I found out that my placement for student teaching was confirmed. It's so crazy how one day you feel like crap and the very next you feel so good.
I found out that my home-made side bang cut also doubles as a fringe so I started out the morning with that. That particular hair style lasted all of 40 minutes before I pinned it back because the bangs are a little too long and hung in my eyes. I will definitely be cutting my bangs for a little fringe action in the next week or so, though. I'm totally loving this whole student-turned-hairstylist thing I've got going on. Possibly my next adventure will be cosmetology school?
Then, I went into my morning class and, as I was leaving, the most handsome guy in the class walked over to me and said "I hope you don't think this is creepy, but you always are dressed so nice and you look so... beautiful." I was stunned so all I kept saying was "thank you" like 13 million times. I'll have to tell him at our next class that I was so flattered and appreciative of his sweetness. Not creepy at all!

Skirt: Simply Vera Wang (Kohl's)
Tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: Kohl's
Feather Clip: Etsy (seller no longer exists)
Necklace: Anthropologie
Cameo Brooches: Ebay
Cuff: Green Belts
Sandals: Frye Boots

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