Sunday, November 9, 2008


Chuck Lettes - HARBOR LIGHTS
I went to a friend's jazz gig in the Highlands Saturday night. It ended up being far more eventful than I expected, as we saw a woman get hit by a car walking across the street and had to phone the paramedics and direct traffic. Thus, we disappointingly only saw half an hour of his show between the drama and the subsequent exhaustion that ensued. The music link above features Jim Stahlhut, my musician friend. He's the one playing the guitar.

Skirt: Vintage Amore
Shirt: Every Little Counts (I think I'm going to have to do a feature on this company soon! I wear them so much.)
Scarf: Savers
Shoes: Seychelles (Urban Outfitters)
Bag: Vintage


Every Little Counts said...

i love how you dressed up the t-shirt. lookin' good!

Barbara S. said...

Here is a link to Jim's website where you can hear parts of his two CD's. Also, Carlene dresses well when she brings Soren to play with Shadow!