Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love n' Chains

The Smiths-Unloveable
So, this whole outfit started from the ground up, quite literally. I wanted to wear the shoes, so I built the outfit around it. This outfit just proves how often times I buy items and wait to wear them for their perfect debut. The motorcycle gloves were an ebay purchase that I was hot-to-trot on buying, but then never wore for over a year.
Also, while I was taking my photos today, about fifteen pigeons flew down around me and began surrounding the area. This is totally weird and I can't believe that I'm confessing this, but I'm really afraid of birds in close proximity to me and/or enclosed quarters. I think I acquired this fear from my dad, as he is deathly afraid of birds. It's one of those reactions where your mind starts to race and your heart is thumping out of your chest and your rational brain is sitting there going "What the hell? They're just birds for god's sake." Anyway, their visit wasn't long (thank GOD) and I was able to resume picture-taking sans panic attack.

Skirt: Ross (Michael by Michael Kors)
Blouse: The Limited
Camisole: Satin Camisole- a lingerie store in Fort Collins (the brand is Arianne)
Necklaces: Vintage from garage sales, ebay, vintage amore, and flea market
Bracelet: The Limited
Motorcycle gloves and shoes: Ebay
Jacket: Ross (it's Paris Blues-- remember that company from the 90's?)


Linda Famularcano said...

You're such an inspiration to me right now.
Am currently a plus-sized woman due to an underactive thyroid and while I'm losing weight, I have been so self-conscious about going out in fashionable clothes.
Now that I see you pulling fashionable off so fabulously makes me think: "Hmm maybe I'm pulling my outfits off that fabulously too." (^_^)
Love it.

Carlene said...

Thank you so much! What an amazing story and I am so happy that you enjoy my blog. I hope that you continue to come back and good luck with everything!