Sunday, November 30, 2008

SoMa Literary Review

This post is not even remotely fashion related. In fact, this post is about my other, equally consuming passion. Literature. I found this SoMa Literary Review while searching for Bettie Page photos. I stumbled upon a title in my google search that read "Betty Paige Bangs" and I thought "Perfect!" Well, it wasn't a picture of Bettie Page's bangs, but rather a story entitled "Betty Paige Bangs." I immediately printed it off and am on my way to curling up with a cup of tea and reading it. But before I do that, I wanted to share one of the other stories that was in the review. It's a great stream-of-consciousness post-modern foray into a tormented average Joe. It's frenetic and ironic and super spirited. Enjoy!
And just so this blog is somewhat fashion related, here's a photo from Nylon magazine.

War Kills Love
Love Beats War
Morning Phrase w/ Coffee Grinders-

By PMPope

When i was younger i tried to off myself. i was disgusted. i wish it were possible to start out with a more 'literary' slant. Professionals say 'You can only write what you know.' i wrote it into my skin with razor blades. A childish 'Fuck You!' to the World. George Jetson gets sucked into his electric treadmill screaming 'Jane, stop this crazy thing!' Like that. You gotta write what you know. I realize this could look kinda hippy-dippy. 'War Kills Love' but who cares? Right, sportstars? The trees came down to write this paper & a bedbug bit my scar..... That is... the Real Deal, Eugene O'Neill. War Kills Love because Love Stops War... Heard this story about a grove of oaks in the middle of a warzone.... Her soft sound carried in the wind @ sundown amid the mix of seagull songs, window washers, & exhaustive auto parades if someone had let her board the MUNI before they did. She would call them 'a gentleman' & say 'there aren't many like you anymore.' smiling demurely to hide her missing teeth...

Copyright © 2008 PMPope

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