Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Cold

Landon Pigg-Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
My house is freezing during the day because we have a thermostat that helps to keep our costs and energy use down. Needless to say that the outfit I had on earlier was not cutting it. This sweater dress is so cozy that I decided it was my only recourse... and the boots are comfy.
Dress: Victoria's Secret
Boots and fur stole: ebay


turi said...

Hello, ciao mi chiamu turi sono italiano, complimenti per il tuo blog, davvero interessante e pino di contenuti, vienimi a trovare nel mio blog e lasciami un commento

Every Little Counts said...

Love this outfit, and nice find with the boots...Love!

Carlene said...

Thanks! They are super comfortable. I had no idea. What luck for me, right?

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