Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Every Little Counts

I said I would do a feature on this store and now I finally am. I stumbled upon Every Little Counts through N.E.E.T Magazine and I fell in love with the romanticism. I mean, who knew that a tee shirt could be romantic? But they are, right down to the softness of the tees and the low cut v-necks. Even the oversized nature of these unisex tees is somehow sexy. Then, you see the graphics. Phrases like "a violent, sensual, sensitive girl" from Dr. Zhivago and "You make loving fun" from Fleetwood Mac are sweetly displayed upon each shirt. In her newest collection, Amy Snider (the designer) has added more graphic designer and fewer slogans, which adds to the complexity of the line. I am partial to Fallen Leaves tee and own it in black. The silhouette is quite flattering and I feel so girly. Though the prices are higher, Every Little Counts tees are most definitely worth it.
You can visit her site here to purchase or her etsy shop here.


Every Little Counts said...

Oh...thanks Carly!

Carlene said...

No problem. It was my pleasure.